Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact E.F. Winslow if I have an emergency?
Please phone us directly at (508) 394-7778 or 1-800-870-1117. Our phones are answered live, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After business hours, an operator is available to take your calls and have one of our emergency response team technicians contact you within just a few minutes. Our operators will discuss the problem with you, provide valuable advice and we can soon be on our way to fix your problem.

Cape Cod Electrical

What is a transformer?
What is a ground fault interrupter?
What is the difference between a floodlight and a spotlight?
I have a circuit breaker that tripped. Is this dangerous?
I have some tools that have three prongs, but the outlet I want to use has only two prongs. Can I safely cut the extra prong off?

Cape Cod Heating

I’ve noticed some oil on the floor under my tank. Do I need a new tank?
When is the best time to schedule a tune up?
How often should I have my system cleaned?
Which fuel is better: oil, propane or natural gas?

Cape Cod Plumbing

How should I clean polished brass faucets?
What should I look for when purchasing a faucet?
Why do faucets leak?
During the cold winter months, what can I do to prevent my pipes from freezing and bursting?
What is the best thing to use when my bathroom sink is draining very slowly?
How can I locate the valve to shut off the water supply to my home?

Central Air Conditioning

What is the benefit of installing UV in the HVAC system return?
How does the Mr. Slim ductless system differ from a window unit?

Cape Cod Heating and Air Conditioning

What is hydronic heat?
What are the Benefits of Hydronic Heat?
What should I do if I smell gas?
Should I be concerned about carbon monoxide in my home?
Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my home heating equipment?
Why are humidifiers recommended?
What about heat pumps?
If I have radiant floor heating, can I still have air conditioning?
What is radiant floor heating?
What are furnace ratings?