FAQ – How does the Mr. Slim ductless system differ from a window unit?

How does the Mr. Slim ductless system differ from a window unit?

A window unit is a packaged system, which means that the indoor and outdoor fan coils and compressor are contained in the same housing unit. This type air-conditioning system must be positioned so that the back half sticks outside and the front half inside. This is important to allow the physics of proper evaporation and condensation to take place. Typically a window unit is mounted in a window or can be mounted into a hole cut into the exterior wall of a building. Window units are very popular because they provide an inexpensive means for room cooling. The drawbacks include the loss of a window and the vibration and noise that the system can produce. Most of the noise occurs by the compressor, or refrigerant pump, which is so close to your living space.

With Mr. Slim, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, which houses the compressor, are separated. Then you don’t lose a window because the indoor unit mounts high on your wall and the outdoor unit is placed far enough away from your room that you never hear the compressor. Both indoor and outdoor units are designed for quiet operation so even if the outdoor unit is placed outside your room you will not hear it running.