Energy Management & Home Automation

Cape Cod Home Automation and Energy Saving Management

E.F. Winslow makes your home work for you with advanced automation & awareness technology. With easy to use mobile apps, control & monitor your lights, locks, thermostats, energy consumption and view streaming video or snapshots. Improve energy efficiency through location-based intelligence and smart schedules.

Your Intelligent Home

Increase your energy efficiency, monitor and automate household activities, and know that your home is at its best – whether you are there or not.


Automate your entire house to perfectly fit your unique lifestyle. Feel totally comfortable while you’re home, and totally in control while you’re away.


Your smarter home knows exactly how to maximize your comfort and minimize your energy consumption.


Experience unprecedented control of your whole home, and manage it quickly and easily from the palm of your hand.

Your Smarter Home

Our innovative Bridge connects all of the smart devices in your home, giving you total command of your thermostat, locks, lights and more. Control your whole home from any smartphone, tablet, or PC, or set your preferences and let your home run itself.

Advanced Thermostat

Our innovative technology and simple user interface gives you the peace of mind that you are heating or cooling your home as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing comfort. With our advanced Geo-fencing and occupancy awareness technology, your home can tell when you’re home, and which room you’re in. Stay comfortable when you are home, save energy while you are away.

Advanced Automation and Awareness

Make your home work for you. Automate your thermostat and lights to turn on when you need them, and off when you don’t. Or unlock your door from your phone if your house guests arrive early. With your whole home working intelligently in sync, you will enjoy easy and unprecedented control.

Web and Mobile Apps

Manage your whole home, quickly and easily from the palm of your hand. Control your thermostat, lights and locks, and see live video of what’s happening in your home, wherever you are. Use our web application from any browser or download our app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Or use our web application from any browser.

Video Monitoring

Building 36’s video monitoring lets you see what’s going on at your property, wherever you are. Now, you can see who’s pulling into the driveway, receive a video alert sent on your phone when your kids get home from school, or check in on your pet while you’re at work.


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