Cape Cod Water Filtration

You don’t have to tolerate foul tasting water, bad odors and stained laundry and fixtures anymore.

Troubled Waters

Often water is not always of optimal quality. On Cape Cod, characteristics such as blue/green stains, iron, rust, bad tastes, odors (chlorine) and discoloration can cause numerous problems for people and laundry as well as plumbing fixtures.

The Solution

To solve these types of scenarios, E.F. Winslow offers a wide variety of filtration equipment specifically designed to combat the problems homeowners face on Cape Cod.  Contact us to find out which filtration system is best for your home. Click here for Water Testing Info

Have Your Water Tested

Once a water sample is tested and the water system is accessed for GPM (gallons per minute) capacity the proper size/model number filter can be installed by one of E.F. Winslow’s highly trained technicians. The water analysis result will dictate the type of filtration media necessary to bring water to the best possible quality. Learn more