Air Quality and Duct Cleaning

Think your indoor air is safe? Think again.

Indoor air can be littered with respirable dust pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and more. The EPA has reported that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than the air outside. And considering that people spend about 65% of their time in their homes it is that much more important to consider an air cleaner that removes damaging pollutants from your home.

Before Duct Cleaning
After duct cleaning

To make sure you and your family are breathing the healthiest, freshest indoor air possible, we recommend complete Air Duct Cleaning every 3-5 years- especially if any members of your family have allergies or you have pets.

E.F. Winslow’s skilled technicians use a 200 MPH Vacuum, chosen by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and the EPA.  All work is done the the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

Our duct cleaning procedures include:

  • Connecting our high powered vacuum to the system and running it continuously.  The dust, dirt and other debris is then pulled by the vacuum outside.  Since it is not pushed toward the resisters, the process does not leave a mess in your home.
  • We clean each duct run with special hoses , brushes, snakes and whips to loosen dirt and debris.
  • All grills, registers, diffusers & plenums are cleaned.
  • After ducts and internal components are thoroughly cleaned, we deodorize the entire system with an EPA approved agent.

Air Cleaners improve air quality

Allergy sufferers are especially vulnerable to poor indoor air quality.  Hay fever and seasonal allergies can ruin a person’s quality of life. E.F. Winslow installs Aprilaire Air Cleaners which treat all the air in the home, every time it circulates.

E.F. Winslow knows how important it is to keep dust and dirt from reaching your heating and cooling equipment, which is why we recommend the Aprilaire Air Cleaner. It permanently traps the dirt that causes heating and air-conditioning units to wear prematurely.

E.F. Winslow installs Aprilaire Air Cleaners which are the most efficient air cleaners available offering features and benefits that are unsurpassed by any competitive product.

Contact E.F. Winslow  to learn more about how we can help improve the air quality in your home when:

  • You suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma and are concerned about allergens in your home.
  • You are concerned about airborne mold spores circulating in your home.
  • You want to clean virus sized and bacteria sized particles from the air you breathe.
  • You want to protect the life and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.