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Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Heating is the heating of a building by radiation from panels containing hot water.

Hydronic Heating is so efficient and comfortable because it uses water to transfer heat throughout the building for one good reason....water is the ultimate transfer medium.

E.F. Winslow is the company you can rely on for all of your heating needs.

 We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with 5 expert technicians on call after hours to assist you with any needs you have. Our expert technicians will respond quickly, to get your heating system running again. They always arrive with a fully stocked truck, and will usually be able to make repairs or adjustments to get your heat back on quickly.

 If your heating system should need to be replaced, E.F. Winslow will help you through the entire process, from scheduling a free estimate to calling in final inspections. E.F. Winslow promises quality products and quality installations. We are so confident of our technicians dependable results that we guarantee all materials and labor provided by E.F.Winslow for one full year.

E.F. Winlsow provides a wide range of hydronic heating services, both residential and commercial, including:

     * Conversions (oil to gas & electric to gas)

     * New boiler and furnace installations

     * Radiant Heat Installation

     * Expert trouble shooting and diagnosis

     *Preventative Maintenance