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During the cold winter months, what can I do to prevent my pipes from freezing and bursting?

1. Because your furnace is operating more frequently, be sure that carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and are located near the furnace area.

2. Keep heat at 70° (during these frigid days).

3. Check your home for drafts.

4. Check underneath all kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are located on outside walls. Pipes that are located in these areas could freeze. Leave cabinet doors open to allow heat in.

5. Insulate pipes that are located on outside walls.

6. If you have had previous problems with freezing, leave a faucet trickling warm water. Moving water generally will not freeze.

7. Try to heat under crawl spaces.

8. If your pipes should freeze, heat the area immediately. This may help to avoid broken pipes.

9. Before leaving your home in the morning, test all faucets to ensure they are working properly. If they are not, heat the area immediately. If the pipe conditions do not improve, call E.F. Winslow to send a licensed professional plumber immediately.

10. Call E.F. Winslow to install Glycol Antifreeze in your heating system. This will aid in keeping your pipes from freezing.

11. If you own vacant property, be sure to have your home winterized by E.F. Winslow.