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Cape Cod Central Vacuum

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The Central Vacuum House is Cape Cod's only authorized dealer of VACUFLO Built-In Central Vacuum System.

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A VACUFLO Central Vacuum system is a complete cleaning team. It is easy and convenient to keep your home immaculate with VACUFLO. VACUFLO Systems do not have any bags to change and since the unit can be exhausted to the exterior, dirt and odors are never recirculated into the home keeping your home dust free and healthier. A VACUFLO system can be easily installed in both new or existing homes, usually in less than one day.

The Advantages of the VACUFLO Built–In Central Vacuum System:

Air Pollen, dust, dirt, dander, mites and other allergens are removed from your home. Many allergists recommend a Vacuflo central vacuum system because germ laden dust and odors are vented outdoors.

No more lugging around a portable vacuum cleaner! Just connect the lightweight hose of your Vacuflo central vacuum and choose from a variety of attachments designed to clean any type of surface.

Cost Efficient
Portable vacuums wear out and need replacing, the VACUFLO centralized system comes with a lifetime warranty. A central vacuum system increases the resale value of your home by about $2000. Whether your home is already built or is under construction a Vacuflo central vacuum system can be installed easily and cost effectively.

The Vacuflo central vacuum system has up to 5 times more suction than an upright or canister vacuum. This means when you clean, you are really cleaning, and not just picking up surface contaminants.

Lifetime Warranty 
VACUFLO is so confident in the quality of VACUFLO True Cyclonic and Filtered Cyclonic Central Vacuums, that they back them with the best warranties in the business. The True Cyclonic Systems come with a Lifetime + 3 Warranty. The Filtered Cyclonic Systems come with a Lifetime + 1 Warranty.

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